Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case for iPhone Review

The iPhone is a beautiful device. Apple spends years crafting a design that feels good in the hand and is pleasing to the eyes. However, almost nobody uses an iPhone without a case. An iPhone costs hundreds of dollars, and most of us need them to last at least 2 or 3 years.

That’s why the case you choose is important. You want it to look good and to give you access to all the features on your phone, but you also need protection. Recently, I have been testing a case that meets all those criteria. It’s called the Speck Presidio2 Grip Case for iPhone. It comes with MagSafe and ClickLock and is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your iPhone looking like new.

Case Design

The Presidio 2 Grip case is compatible with iPhone 13, 14, and 15 models. It is available in eight different colorways, each with its own colored accents to provide visual interest. My favorites were the Coastal Blue/Dust Grey, the Charcoal Grey/Cool Bronze, and the Black/Slate Grey.

The case is made of a tough, durable material that includes 50% recycled plastics. It is 20% slimmer than the previous model, and as its name would suggest, it has grippy textures on the side of the case for you to hold on to. There is a protective frame around the camera module and a raised bezel on the front to protect the screen when your iPhone is face-down on a table.

iphone and presidio 2 case on a macbook

The Presidio 2 is not a thin case, but neither is it bulky and unwieldy. It’s somewhere in the middle and a good compromise that offers the protection you need without worrying about how chunky it looks or whether or not it will fit in your pocket. It feels good in your hand. The buttons line up well and are suitably clicky when operating the volume and power buttons.

The Presidio 2 Grip case uses Speck’s Armor Cloud technology to protect the corners of your phone. These convenient air pockets will compress when dropped so your phone absorbs less of the impact. Regular readers will know that iPhone drop tests can be problematic, but when done properly, they give you the peace of mind you need. Speck claims the Presidio 2 Grip will withstand drops of up to 13 feet, and that’s plenty for me.

Additional Features

One of the more interesting features of the Presidio2 is a built-in antimicrobial treatment from Microban. Scientists at Arizona University found that cell phones have ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Disgusting, right? The coating that Speck includes offers a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria. It’s a welcome addition and one that I wish more case manufacturers would add.

The Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case also supports MagSafe. I really like MagSafe. I charge my phone every night with Apple’s MagSafe charger, and I had no problems doing that with this case. It snaps on quickly and securely. What’s more, the MagSafe integration makes this case compatible with other accessories like Apple’s MagSafe wallet and battery pack.

However, if you have used MagSafe accessories before, you will doubtless have found that it can be hard to stop them sliding around. The MagSafe wallet is especially guilty of this. That’s why Speck invented their ClickLock system. It works in conjunction with Magsafe, but it uses a patent-pending system that allows for a non-slip interlocking accessory.

It’s kind of a genius invention. The back of the case has a recessed oval groove that the ClickLock accessories attach to. That groove ensures that there is no slipping, no sliding, just a solid magnetic connection.

Speck has a number of ClickLock accessories that you can use with the Presidio 2. There is a wallet, a handy stand that does double duty as a phone grip, and even a car vent mount. They come in a range of colors to match the cases you attach them to and are priced aggressively compared to their Apple counterparts.

I tried the ClickLock wallet and the stand, and I was impressed with them. I never felt comfortable using the MagSafe wallet because of how slippy it is. I didn’t want to lose my credit cards getting the phone in and out of my pocket. However, I have no concerns with the Speck variant. It is much more reliable. I wouldn’t use one all the time, but in the summer or when pocket space is a premium, it’s great to leave the house without a wallet or a bulky bag.

Pricing and Availability

The Presidio 2 Grip case retails for $49.99 and can be purchased on Speck’s website or on Amazon. However, if you are looking for a specific colorway, the Speck website is always going to be your best option. You can also get a 10% discount code if you sign up for the Speck newsletter.

Overall Impressions

I used the Speck Presidio 2 for a couple of weeks, and I enjoyed the experience. The charcoal grey with the bronze accents was undoubtedly my favorite color. I don’t do drop tests, but I will admit that I inadvertently dropped my phone by accident, and neither the case nor my iPhone 15 showed any signs of damage.

In fact, the only issue I had with the case was fingerprints on the smoother surfaces of the case. This may be more noticeable on darker colors, as Apple found out with the Midnight MacBook Air, so depending on the color you choose, you may or may not have an issue with this.

Otherwise, this is a seriously impressive case. It deftly treads a thin line between being slim enough to feel good in your hand and thick enough to offer the reassuring protection you need. If you are searching for the best iPhone case, The Presidio 2 Grip case should definitely be on your shortlist.

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