The Best Accessories for the iPad

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iPad’s don’t need accessories, but they sure are nice to have.

Some are made by Apple, but plenty more are available from third-party companies. However, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you really need.

Here is a list of iPad accessories that are sure to please even the most discerning iPad users.

Apple Pencil

The way Apple markets the iPad Pro, you would be forgiven for thinking it comes with an Apple Pencil. It doesn’t. It’s a separate purchase.

But the iPad and the Apple Pencil were designed to complement each other, and Apple is continuing to add new features like Hover to make the Apple Pencil a more attractive proposition for iPad users.

Of course, alternatives are available. If your budget doesn’t stretch enough to purchase an Apple Pencil, try the Logitech Crayon instead. It lacks pressure sensitivity, but it has tilt support, an on/off button, and the new version has USB-C charging.

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iPad Keyboard

Adding a keyboard adds additional flexibility and functionality. It turns your iPad into a laptop-style device when you need it, and still gives you the option of detaching your iPad and using it in tablet mode.

A keyboard is great for email, office documents, note-taking, and more. The latest iPad keyboards also come with trackpads to use a cursor.

See some options in the article below:

Desk Stand/Dock

If you use the iPad Pro in an office setting or the kitchen, a stand is a useful thing to have. It lifts the iPad up and off the surface to give you more space, and it protects the iPad from spills or debris.

Good stands often have adjustable viewing angles. Many people also choose to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a desk stand or dock. Here are some you could take a look at:

iPad Case

If you don’t get a keyboard case, a regular case is still worth a look. The iPad is a premium device, so a good case will give it the protection it deserves and help it last longer.

There are hundreds of options here, including some from Apple. Here are some highly rated examples:

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Screen Protector

Another way to protect your iPad is to invest in a glass screen protector. Many people use these on their iPhones, so you can see why you might want one on your iPad Pro. They are cheap to buy and provide good protection.

Obviously, they come in different sizes, depending on the size of your iPad, but the ones that I have had the most luck with are a brand called JETech. They are durable and, with practice, they almost always go on without bubbles.

Portable Charger (Battery Pack)

The iPad Pro has all-day battery life, but if you find that you sometimes forget to charge your iPad, it is worth keeping a battery pack in your bag.

Typically, I like Anker for things like this. They have innovative options like the PowerCore Fusion which is a two-in-one battery pack and wall charger, but again, there are lots of options to choose from.

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USB-C Power Adapter

Speaking of charging, the iPad Pro comes with a 20W power adapter. This is fine for regular use, but if you have a laptop, you can pick up a 40W or even a 100W power adapter and charge both devices off the same plug.

Don’t worry about overloading your iPad with too much power. It only draws as much as it needs.

Charging Cables

In addition to power adapters, you can never have too many cables. For some reason, the Apple cables don’t tend to last more than a year without some kind of problem. This underlines why spare cables are good to have on hand.

Braided or woven cables are worth a look if you want longevity, and remember, cables come in different lengths. You are probably used to the 3ft cables that come with your iPad, but if you need 6ft or 1ft cables, those are available too.

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When the AirPods first launched, not even Apple was prepared for how popular these portable headphones would become. They are Bluetooth headphones, so technically they work with all devices. However, as you may expect, they work best with Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

These ubiquitous headphones are a great accessory for any Apple device. Here are the most popular models available today:

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iPad Dongles

Then there is the dongle. The adapter. USB-C is great, but there are still some things you can’t plug into your iPad. SD cards, an HDMI cable and wired headphones demand a dongle.

There is an adapter for just about anything that you want to plug into your iPad. The most reliable ones are generally from Apple, but they will cost you more than a third part alternative. See a selection here:

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